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Sensory-Friendly Performance



A significant portion of RMT’s mission is inclusion and accessibility to the performing arts for all people, including those with disabilities.


RMT is pleased to partner with the Autism Society of Alabama to offer a Sensory-Friendly Performance of Beauty and the Beast for patrons affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and other sensory, social, and cognitive disabilities.


Tuesday , June 12, 2018
2 p.m.


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While the integrity of the performance is maintained, certain elements of the production are modified in an effort to create a welcoming and inclusive experience for patrons on the autism spectrum and their families.

Among the modifications are:


  • Reduction of loud sounds
  • House lights stay on creating a dim light in the audience for the entire show
  • Audience members are free to talk, make noise, and/or be active
  • Extra staff and volunteer support
  • “Quiet Room” available during the show
  • Opportunity to “Meet Your Seat” a few day(s) prior to the show by arranging an appointment (call 205-324-2424 or email



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