James Hatcher Founder’s Fund

In 2004, RMT launched the James Hatcher Founder’s Fund with commitments of $1,000 from 100 gracious benefactors who envisioned the creation of scholarship programs for young artists. Their initial $100,000 has grown to encompass merit- and need-based scholarships to provide vital arts education programming for youth who might not otherwise be able to experience it.

Through the generosity of donors to the Hatcher Fund, young artists can receive:

  • Need-based financial aid to participate in RMT education programming
  • Merit-based scholarships for continued education
  • Need-based support for taking their talent to the next level

Be part of making a difference in the lives of children! Give today and designate your gift to the Hatcher Fund.

Senior Scholarships

Graduating seniors of the Red Mountain Theatre Performing Ensembles are eligible to apply for a competitive scholarship program in the spring awarded through the James Hatcher Founder’s Fund.

Criteria Qualifications

This scholarship is a one-time award opportunity for graduating seniors who will enroll in a degree or certificate program at one of the following:

  • An accredited or approved community college
  • Vocational school
  • A four-year college
  • One of the James Hatcher Founder’s Fund approved special studies programs
  • A performing arts conservatory

Please note, candidates must be enrolled and certified within 180 days of the scholarship grant date.


Candidates must submit the scholarship application electronically no later than March 1, 2022 to be considered. If you cannot download our electronic application, please contact our Education Director, Bradford Forehand at bforehand@redmountaintheatre.org or (205) 463-3562.

Upload Application here.


The applications will be judged based on the information submitted. A Scholarship Selection Committee will be appointed by the President of Red Mountain Theatre in conjunction with the Chairperson of the James Hatcher Founder’s Fund and approved by the Executive Committee.

The Committee considers the student’s years involved in the RMT Performing Ensembles, leadership role(s), individual participation, special projects, programs or assignments, attendance at rehearsals and other functions, and overall activity with the Performing Ensembles as well as what impact the program has had upon the applicant’s future career plans.

All candidates are considered without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, or sexual preference. The decisions of the Committee are final and not subject to challenge.

Ensemble members are held to a high standard and expected to adhere to the RMT Code of Conduct through their final Performing Ensembles performance obligation. Regardless of when it is brought to the attention of the Committee, violations of the Code of Conduct may lead to a withdrawal of the Scholarship by the Committee.


Award winners will be announced in the spring with funds distributed in late summer. The scholarships are for a period of one year and must be used within the school year, which could include the immediate summer session, fall session, the following spring session, and/or the following summer session.



The Fannie Flagg Scholarship

Birmingham’s beloved Fannie Flagg created a scholarship fund to support the talented students in the RMT Performing Ensemble. All students in the Performing Ensembles (excluding seniors) are considered. No application process is required.

The scholarship allows one recipient to attend all RMT educational opportunities at no personal cost. This includes Broadway Bootcamp, all Master Classes, and any other educational events. In addition, the recipient will be guaranteed a spot in the Performing Ensemble for the following year.

Criteria Qualifications

Each candidate must be a current member of the Performing Ensemble and possess:

    • A positive attitude, pleasant personality, and superior work ethic
    • The gift to lead and help others
    • The respect of his/her peers and fellow performers
    • The ability to keep on task in all capacities


All eligible members will be judged based on observable behavior in rehearsals and performances, leadership roles, attendance, special projects or assignments, and overall activity with the Performing Ensemble. The recipient of the scholarship will be chosen by RMT’s Executive Director and Managing Director. The decision made by the Executive Director and Managing Director is final and not subject to review.


The scholarship winner will be announced at the annual Gala, usually held during the month of April. This scholarship is for a period of one year, and the recipient can be considered for such a scholarship again in the future.


Robert Raiford & Zane Rhoades Talent Builder Award

Named for two longtime donors, volunteers, and board members of RMT, the Talent Builder Award is a program of need-based financial aid to provide additional training beyond RMT programming. This assistance is tailored to support artists of all ages as they continue their education and/or training. The unique purpose of this award is to foster a particular skill, educational component, career development, or special need deemed worthy with preference given to opportunities of closest direct benefit to RMT. The financial aid shall be limited to individuals who are or have been actively involved with RMT either as a Performing Ensemble student, an artist or technician in a RMT production, or support personnel. Particular emphasis will be placed on unique needs for which other sources of funding are not generally available.

If you feel you may qualify, please email info@redmountaintheatre.org with broad details of your need and you will be contacted regarding the application process.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need assistance with your application, contact Vaida B. McGregor, Youth Performance Coordinator:


  (205) 463-3562