Our Mission

To create powerful theatre experiences that enrich, educate, and engage audiences – nourishing the human spirit, fostering valuable life skills, and cultivating a deeper sense of community. We serve by:

Fostering Artists

through exceptional education, training, and performance opportunities.

Inspiring life skills

in youth development so that our students may be well-rounded, well-spoken, and well-educated.

Enriching, educating, and engaging

a diverse audience through professional theatrical experiences.


Our Vision

RMT transforms lives through theatre.


We see transformation in the lives of youth who participate in our education programs, such as the acclaimed RMT Conservatory. We believe arts education inspires skills necessary for all youth development. Through theatre, students sharpen their ability to create and to collaborate, gaining confidence along the way.


These skills serve students beyond the stage. We’ve seen a talented young artist go from a high school with no theatre program to our stage to a Disney TV show. We’ve seen shy kids blossom into confident young adults who aren’t afraid to go after big dreams.


We see transformation in young professionals as they gain mastery in their field, inhabiting characters on stage.


We see transformation in our audiences as they are entertained, enriched, and engaged by a moving production or a stellar performance from one of our many rising stars.