Red Mountain Theatre is Birmingham’s place for high-quality performing arts programming.

For nearly four decades, we’ve cultivated one of the finest arts education centers in the South.

For nearly four decades, we’ve cultivated one of the finest arts education centers in the South.

Our Mission

To create powerful theatre experiences that enrich, educate and engage audiences - nourishing the human spirit, fostering valuable life skills and cultivating a deeper sense of community.

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To inspire creative expression and exploration, leading to a well-rounded, inclusive and vibrant community.

Transforming Lives Through Theatre

By creating a place for…


We create a place for collaboration. Our community is made not only of professional artists, but also of business and civic leaders, parents and educators, administrators and volunteers, and hundreds of young performers.





We create a place for Broadway-caliber musicals by employing theatre professionals. We’re a place where Tony Award winners share the stage with young actors, where an up-and-coming director develops his aesthetic, where a seasoned writer returns to Birmingham to stage his breakout hit, and where a pioneering set designer shapes groundbreaking scenes.




We create a place to escape, to be entertained. We create a place, too, for thought-provoking theatre to intersect with our community issues, a place to engage audiences on relevant problems and search for collective answers. We create a place to serve as our community’s cultural center.





We create a place for all children from all backgrounds to find their own voice and their own place. We’re the place where students say they’ve made their best friends, felt their most confident, and earned their most hard-won achievements. We’re a place where children learn the love of reading, where students learn the power of collaboration and hard work, and where talented performers develop as artists. Children learn more than singing and dancing here. They learn such invaluable life skills as time management, focus, discipline, eye contact, enunciation. We could go on and on. And we do.

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